Why sing?

On the bandstand in Horsham Carfax, for our annual Christmas carol sing in aid of Age UK.

Whatever your age, whatever your circumstances, singing is a fantastic way to improve your quality of life. From deep-breathing exercises to the emotional response you feel to the songs that you sing, your endorphins will be buzzing after a good sing.

The endorphin buzz that comes from singing to a huge audience stays with you for days to come.

Community singing offers singers a time to exist ‘in the moment’, which is one of the many reasons it is so good for you. You are absorbed body, mind and spirit by this activity. Your focus is on WATCHING the conductor to make sure you stay together with the same beat, READING and MEMORISING your music, LISTENING carefully to make a good blend of harmonies with others, CONSIDERING phrasing, dynamics and interpretation of the words, BREATHING in the right places, and USING YOUR MUSCLES to access your full range of notes. There is so much to consider.

In fact singing as a communal activity is so all-consuming that for the brief time you are doing it there is no space for dwelling on all of life’s difficulties, whether humdrum or monumental. No wonder people go away from a community singing session feeling refreshed; they have spent quality time ‘in the moment’.

With Horsham Harmony, where note-reading skills and singing technique is encouraged, you will also feel proud that you are learning new skills you can take with you wherever you go, perhaps even exploring other more ambitious singing opportunities and the hundreds of years of glorious choral repertoire along the way. From Cathedral Evensong to Barbershop, Horsham Harmony is just the start. As you develop your singing skills you will find yourself launched on a whole new journey of discovery.