Horsham Harmony

Horsham Harmony launched in April 2016 with a surprisingly large group of keen homeworkers and retirees making up the bulk of the membership. The choir totals around 40 members at present and continues to grow.

By June the choir was able to sing comfortably in two-part harmony and had been introduced to the joys of our Dropbox folder, where part files are stored to help each singer learn his or her individual line of music.

First anniversary ‘rehearsal’ turns into a cake and Prosecco-fest and mayhem ensues. Hey ho… that’s why we have nice long rehearsal runs before our concerts!

By October the choir had developed to the point where a uniform committee was formed, soloists had been discovered (or rediscovered!) and people with local knowledge had begun to find singing opportunities for our Christmas repertoire.

So enthused have some of the members become that they are writing alternative lyrics, making song suggestions (always gratefully received) and even having singing and piano lessons!

We celebrated our first anniversary in April 2017 with a fantastic cake made by Pat Piggott, and with Prosecco to hand to toast—what a lovely surprise on a Wednesday morning!

Our first full-length concert took place in July 2017 at St Leonard’s Church in Horsham. We raised money for the Admiral Nurses with our Afternoon Tea free performance with donations for cakes, which we hope will become a fixture in Horsham over the years ahead.