Spring is here, Spring is here, life is skittles, life is beer…

Thank you to the sunshine and the marvellous Tom Lehrer for a bit of inspiration for the title – and if you didn’t know, it is the opening of his fabulous song, ‘Poisoning Pigeons In The Park’ (apologies to all pigeon-lovers!).

Well, our Spring term is well under way and we are making huge progress towards our Summer concert. Thanks to one of our lovely altos Jacqui for emailing me these wonderful alternative words for the middle section of the ‘The Rhythm of Life’:

‘Go and spread the gospel in the Carfax;

Sing along the Bishopric to Warnham Mill!

Have a break in Roffey; – Causeway coffee!

Beat in joyful Harmony – and

Scale Denne Hill!’

Well done Jacqui!