Settling in to Autumn

Well, we are a term in, and Horsham Harmony has made rapid progress. With Mig and Mike at the helm of the Uniform Committee, and Jayne as our Social Secretary, the choir is taking shape. Our name change from Oakley Singers to Horsham Harmony has proved popular with younger members in-particular, and two new members arrived this term. We have two fun performances lined up for Christmas, one public and one private at a local care home, which will be lovely for the choir as an intro to performing as a group. As with most choirs, we are crying out for tenors. We have a lovely group of basses, and the men have great camaraderie. We have four tenors, and it would be so wonderful to have a few more. Where are they all? Overall the choir has over 30 members now. I think its popularity has a lot to do with the fact that singers are encouraged to investigate the challenges of reading music, rather than rote-learning and memorising—score-reading is not difficult and can be mastered at any age. It just takes patience and practice and at the gentle pace I set, everyone is enjoying the challenge.