Launching now!

Christmas 2015 was the hottest on record. I had a little panic at the beginning of January when I had not received a single enquiry for the launch of Guildford Oakley Singers. As soon as the last of my guests had gone, I decided to keep focussed and positive about the launch, and I set Oklahoma’s ‘Oh what a beautiful morning’ as yet another sunny day launched the New Year. (What a contrast we have in the South of England to the awful floods in the Wales and in the North.) By 3rd January I decided to cancel my booking at the Spike, realising it was too soon after Christmas for my publicity to have taken effect. Imagine my astonishment when, yesterday, I received ten enquiries for Guildford Oakley Singers, a day before launch, as people slowly unfurled from their post-Christmas fug. And this morning a further three keen new members greeted me at the door to the Spike Community Centre where I had gone to make sure nobody turned up to the cancelled rehearsal. So with thirteen and more to go, we will definitely be launching next week, the 12th January. What a thrilling start!

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